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welcomeimage We are on a mission to raising the remnants of this generation through expository teaching of the word of God until man return to his maker (God).

Eden is the original state of man and his relationship with God; and until man understand and pursue this great reality of life, he will be eternally doomed.
So come on board for this everlasting journey of life.

God called all the God head, the Son, Holy Ghost that they may make man in his likeness and image. He made a man that is free from death, sickness, lack of food, houses, free from bondage and control of husband or wife, free from envy, lust , fornication, greed, lies, etc. This man dwelt in the pressed of God in joy and peace...img

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Renewed Christian Word Mission gives Christians worldwide the opportunity to send their prayer request. Are you afflicted, need Financial Blessing, Protection, Healing/Health, Relationship/Marriage? Whatever challenges you may face, send us a prayer request, we will pray with you and God will answer your prayers and you will never remain the same again.

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